Canada Comforts Society is entirely run by volunteers. Our mandate is to send Canadian love in a practical way to children whose lives have been consumed by war and oppression. Everything that is made for Canada Comforts Society will be placed in the hands of a needy person.

We channel most of our items through the Compassionate Resource Warehouse; we also give to medical teams and other accredited organizations. The Compassionate Resource Warehouse relies on us for:

  • babies’ and children’s clothing
  • blankets, and teddies
  • babies diapers and receiving blankets
  • slippers for hospitals masks
  • hygiene kits for girls
  • bags for bears
  • school and hospital supplies
  • cotton washcloths and blankets for
    • hospitals
    • refugee camps
    • orphanages, and
    • villages

For the most part we are giving brand new articles. Most children have never received anything new. We also send gently used babies’ and children’s clothing.  The Compassionate Resource Warehouse only sends what the consignees request – there is no waste.

Our core workshop is in its 25th year meeting at Juan de Fuca Seniors Centre in Victoria BC. Normally we meet September to May, Tuesday mornings between 9:00am and 11:30am downstairs in the older section of the building. We have a monthly drop-off in the Juan de Fuca Senior Centre parking lot on the second Tuesday of the month from 10:00-11:00am.

We welcome anyone who would like to come and visit. We sew girls’ dresses, baby tops, and bags to be used for teddy bears, school supplies, maternity kits and medical supplies. As of October 2018 we have sewn over 10,000 girls’ dresses and each has a pair of panties in the pocket. We sew receiving blankets, cloth diapers and boys’ shorts.

We have a “bear table” where the ladies do quality control as well as sew, stuff and put the “happy faces” on the bears. The faces are all raised so a blind child can feel the happy face. Approximately 72,000 bears in bags have been given to children. Originally the bears were not sent in bags but the children were afraid to go to sleep in case someone would steal their “friend” hence the bags. Our bags are designed so that children missing a limb can still open the bag and find the bear. Each bag has a Canadian flag on it to show Canada cares.

Individuals and groups across Canada send us their knitting, crocheting and sewing.

They are the back bone of our organization and we are so grateful to all of them.