The Compassionate Resource Warehouse Update

Compassionate Resource Warehouse Loads

To our Canada Comforts Friends and Partners: I need to update you on what is coming in the very near future.

COTE D'IVOIRE: Nov 27 & 28: inner city clinic and 2 inner city schools.

We will be sending quite a number of maternity packs, baby blankets, baby hats, baby tops, wash cloths etc for the maternity room. This birthing centre is extremely important for safe delivery in this area plus infant and toddler care. Lots of dresses and shorts for the schools plus the teddies! Over 600 children attend these 2 schools. Aiming to send 167 Pastors shirts and ties!


Brand new-still-being-built, training centre and skill development centre. Will focus on Pastoral upgrading education and some theological training plus they will receive training either in carpentry, mechanics, welding and the ladies sewing. So we are equipment all of that plus the dorm for 60-80 people. That means dishes pots and bedding. They have over 2000 Pastors in the country that will benefit!

ZIMBABWE: mid December

Small rural clinic where we will send maternity packs and babe packs plus blankets and other lovely baby supplies. Includes a soon-to-be-built new elementary school. So will be sending items for children and families. And some teddies! Over 350 children attend school. They have asked for blankets and sweaters as the cold season will arrive shortly after the container arrives.

The last several weeks we have been processing your gifts and labelling them to go to one of these 3 loads!

Thank you for the gift of so many handmade treasures! Beautiful, creative and made with love! We love including them in our shipments.

Please send our deepest thanks to all your knitters and sewers and crocheters, and counters, and quality control people, and sorters, and cutter-out-ters, and other friends who support you.

We really do appreciate all of you and are so pleased the Lord brought us together!

Blessings on each one of you. Dell Marie Wergeland

Canada Comforts Society Workshop News

Our core work shop has now begun for our 2019/2020 season.

The workshop at Juan de Fuca 55 Plus Seniors Centre is open every Tuesday 9-11:30am from September until mid June.

Sewing Items Needed

We are always looking for:

  • sewing and serger thread
  • material
  • elastic
  • sewing/serger machines in good working condition
  • nylotex (used to cover coat hangers). It makes such strong draw strings for our bags and shorts.
Knitting Items Needed

We are always looking for wool of any type as wool we can't use is donated to the Compassionate Resource Warehouse.

wash cloth