Our thanks go out to all our team who donate the thousands of items that are sent to us.

We are always pleased to receive donations of yarn and fabric. What we can't use is passed on to the Compassionate Resource Warehouse. Nothing is wasted.

Canada Comforts Society is a registered, charitable organization run entirely by volunteers. We do not have any official financial backing. Financial help is very welcome indeed, and our Treasurer will be pleased to issue income tax receipts for cash donations of $20 and over. Cheques may be sent to: Canada Comforts Society, c/o Sara Hatfield, 1139 Greenwood Avenue, Esquimalt, BC, V9A 5L9.

If you have any questions the following board members would be happy to speak with you.

  • Sara Hatfield, Secretary/Treasurer, 250-474-1895, cancoms@shaw.ca
  • Roberta Graham, President, 250-595-9902, canadacomfortssociety@shaw.ca
  • Sylvia Hatfield, Founder & Past President, 250-474-4614, canadacomforts@shaw.ca

We can walk far when we walk together….African proverb