Canada Comforts Society has patterns for the following items 

If you would like a copy of patterns please contact Sara Hatfield, Canada Comforts Society's Secretary/Treasurer at 250-474-1895 or

Dish Cloth, knitted or crocheted - used as wash cloths in hospitals, orphanages, refugee camps and villages. Cotton yarn only; any pattern; 7 to 8 inch squares.

Teddy Bear, knitted - always with a happy face.

Bags - a home for teddy, maternity/baby/menstrual/incontinence kits, school supplies and hospital supplies. We use a special double drawstring pattern. The measurements need to be exact for packing medical and school supplies.

Pillow Case - used in the maternity and baby packs and for hospitals.

Baby Bib - sewn or knitted/crocheted with cotton yarn – your pattern or ours.

Dress - we like to use this simple pattern. A pair of panties goes in the pocket.

Shorts - simple pattern for boys.

Baby Tops - cozy jackets for newborns sewn from flannelette or cotton.


Blankets- sewn, quilted, knitted & crocheted. Any pattern. Baby 40” X 40”, crib 45” X 60”. Hospitals and orphanages are desperately in need of bed size blankets 60” X 72”.  Blankets can also be made from same size squares or strips sewn together.



Knitted or crocheted. All sizes starting from 6 months to adult. We send many to the schools in Northern Canada as well as the developing world countries. Adult toques made out of fancy yarn are sent for cancer patients.

Sweaters - knitted or crocheted, cardigans and pullovers, all sizes, from new born to 16 years. Canada Comforts has a pattern for the fish n’ chip sweaters but any pattern is just fine.

Receiving Blanks - Made of flannelette, these go in the maternity packs.

Square the flannel fabric to a minimum 36” X 36” or maximum 44” X 44”. If you have a serger please serge the edges and then turn over once and top stitch with your sewing machine. If you don’t have a serger please fold over the edges approximately ¼” and then another ¼”. Creating a finished hemmed edge. Raw edges must be finished.

Diapers - Cloth diapers are always needed, bought diaper fabric is 27 inches wide.  We make them  27”X 22” We serge the raw edges - turn the serged edge under – and sew closely to the edge of the small hem.

Easy Knit Slippers Pattern.

Easy Slipper Pattern from CCS Website

These can be made with two strands of Red Heart yarn and knit up very nicely. We would rather the knitters NOT add a pompon as it makes slippers more bulky to pack. We ask the knitters to make the slippers to fit themselves.  That way we get a variety of sizes.  If anyone has a favourite slipper pattern, they are more than welcome to use it.

No pom poms please.