February 2019 – Hello Everyone

It pleases me so much to be in touch with you all.  As you know we ship to all the developing countries through the completely volunteer run Compassionate Resource Warehouse.

Because we only send what is requested we do have changes.  For instance look how the cotton dishcloths became wash cloths. Gradually but surely they started to become requested with practically every load (used in the hospitals, baby and maternity packs, orphanages, villages, etc.)  The nylotex (used to cover coat hangers with it – do you remember?) is no longer manufactured.  Thanks to our members, we were sent so much that we said we would be OK – well now we are running low and are asking you if you do come across some, please send it.  It makes such strong draw strings for our bags, and they are great for the shorts too.  We had been told to slow down the fish and chip sweater supply – now we can’t get enough sweaters to fill all the requests.  So please keep all the sweaters coming. We have one more change. Look us up and see what a great job Joanne Boomer has done with our very own web page – canadacomfortssociety.ca

Some of you send us financial help through Canada Helps and Pay Pal. We heard that Canada Helps does take a cut off the amount you send and Pay Pal doesn’t. Of course, Marguerite, our Sec/treas. is always delighted to receive a cheque.  It is all of us together that makes this charity work. We have never had a drive asking for money, we seemed to manage with what is sent.  And of course nearly all of us make our own donations buying yarn, or fabric, and of course for many the cost of postage.  It doesn’t matter how many articles we make as long as we do it in love for the children.  “It is all about treating others with respect and dignity and sending items we are proud to send.” To quote Del Wergelund founder of CRW.

I have a question for you all. I’m wondering if our (Sec/treas) Marguerite’s Mom is our oldest team member? Marguerite Servais will be 102 in April.  Marguerite knits beautiful scarves for the children.  Some of them went with our load to Transnistria.


MOLDOVA  – Briefly: Moldovia was a Romanian country and Transnistria was an independent Russian state.  In 1991 Moldovia was changed to Moldova which now included Transnistria.  One morning the Transnistrians woke up to a new language and a new alphabet.  In 1992, Transnistria was no longer recognized as independent and all official paperwork had to go through Transnistrian and Moldovan authorities.  There hasn’t been a blend of cultures. In order to travel Mark Fashevsky has to have three passports (from Transnistria, Moldova and the Ukraine).

A 40 foot container left for Transnistria on Jan 11 2019. Three days later we had a very inspiring time listening to Mark Fashevsky tell about his work with the charity “Happy Life”. Needless to say Mark is the consignee in Transnistria.  He was telling us the work “Happy Life” is doing with the very vulnerable elderly who are trying to survive on $80 a month.  Mark’s charity is also very concerned about the orphans and the abandoned children.  With the hundreds of orphans they are working with right now, the smaller percentage are actual orphans while the rest are abandoned children.  Mark is starting to introduce the concept of foster parents.  Transnistrians on the whole are extremely poor and they have trouble feeding their own children, so Mark is trying to raise funds to give the foster parents enough money to cover an orphan’s meals.  His hope is that one day the government will recognize and sponsor foster parents.  However, right now the foster plan is run by the Happy Life charity.

Mark is looking forward to the arrival of the container which will include our cosy knitted items for the children.  Winters are bitter cold and our blankets will be so very welcome as well.  Our bears will help with comforting the little ones.

Mark doesn’t worry about customs when a container arrives from CRW.  Customs knows from experience that CRW containers are so fully packed that it is difficult to reload and get everything back in.  The picture is the loaded container we sent on Jan 11.

It is wonderful to have first hand information from the consignees who are actually there working “on the ground”.  They are the ones that will tell us what is needed.

I want to thank each one of you for being a member of our team.

        “We can walk far when we walk together”

Love Sylvia

If you have any questions please ask.

Marguerite Swallow, Sec/treas 250 642 4354  cancoms@telus.net

Roberta Graham, President 250 595 9902 canadacomfortssociety@shaw.ca

Sylvia Hatfield, Founder 250 474 4614 canadacomforts@shaw.ca