Canada Comforts Society May 2020 Newsletter

For a short while the newsletter is still my domain, so on behalf of Canada Comforts I’m able to send love and thanks to you all.  We hope all is well with you during these trying times.  Although our shoppers and treasure-finders have been unable to be out and about, the lockdown has still allowed our volunteers to knit and sew.

There will be heightened demand for your handiwork given the global hardships arising in the wake of the pandemic; but even though we will be needed more than ever, we have no choice but to restart gradually. The Compassionate Resources Warehouse (CRW) is, as of May 20th, still closed.  No volunteers are working there.  Our goal is that as the Warehouse takes the steps required to reopen, Canada Comforts Society (CCS) product will be available at every point of the process. So, we are gratefully accepting everything you have made so far and throughout the summer.

MAILERS:  Those of you who mail us goods may continue to do so at any time.  Items shipped from Ontario should be sent to Sara Hatfield (250-474-1895) at 1139 Greenwood Avenue, Victoria BC, V9A 5L9 (

All other mailers, please send to Roberta Graham, our President (250-881-3657) at #208 – 1518 Pandora Avenue, Victoria BC, V8R 1A8 (

I am always in awe of the people who mail us their parcels. The cost of postage is outrageous, and these people truly have love and compassion for the children in the Developing World.  I found out that at the post office you can buy different size boxes and can fill them right up regardless of weight.  Box price covers postage.

Coast Distributors in Nanaimo, Kelowna, Surrey:  Until further notice DO NOT LEAVE GOODS AT THEIR 3 LOCATIONS.  They currently have no available storage space – remember they have a business to run and will have extra demands on their space and resources as they open up after the lockdown. Marguerite Swallow, our Secretary-Treasurer, can identify when each location is ready to receive contributions so please let her know ASAP if you do use any of these locations. Contact Marguerite at #120-1991 Kaltasin Road, Sooke BC, V9Z 0B7 (250-642-4354), ( To cut mailing costs I know some of you send your items to friends who live close to one of these warehouses or are going to visit the area. Please let Marguerite know and she will contact everyone she hears from as soon as each warehouse is able to handle our treasures.

Victoria Area:  My home is always available for drop-offs.  Some of you have friends that come to Vancouver Island.  Parcels left on our front porch are perfectly safe.  Sylvia Hatfield at 1185 Wychbury Avenue, Victoria BC, V9A 5L1 (250-474-4614), (

Web Page:  I know that Joanne will try and keep you up to date on our web page  contact Joanne Boomer (250-507-7327), (

IF you don’t want to be thanked just attach a note but please make sure your name and contact information is inside all parcels plus a list of contents.  You will lighten our load considerably.   

Nothing is quite definite at the moment, but I do know that we are going to be needed more than ever so please stay with us if you can.  Each little bit helps, and I do hope you know just how much all of us are appreciated.

This picture was taken at a refugee camp in Lebanon.  It was in the CRW 2019 yearend update, but I wanted you to have a closer look because the top and hat were knitted by one of our team.




Love to you all   Sylvia

Below is an email and pictures Dell Marie Wergeland (Founder and President of CRW) sent us.  Dell is a gracious lady who is a great motivator for us all.




This week – we were blessed with fleece hoodies! These will be so welcome in Jordan – the destination of our 500th container! THANK YOU CANADA COMFORTS for your continuous weekly donations of beautiful knitted and sewn items!

Canada Comforts is busy providing blankets, hats, scarves, baby tops, bibs, sweaters, receiving blankets, dresses, shorts, tops, bags washcloths, diapers and so much more! Every week, we receive treasures to send from you. Thank you to all your country-wide team for their faithful kindness to those in need around the world. You are bringing smiles, hope and joy!

Dell Marie Wergeland

We can walk far when we walk together …  an African proverb

If you have any questions please ask.

Marguerite Swallow, Sec/treas 250 642 4354

Roberta Graham, President 250 881 3657

Sylvia Hatfield, Founder 250 474 4614