Meet Canada Comforts Society's Board Members

Roberta Photo
Roberta Graham


Roberta Graham is the President of Canada Comforts Society (CCS). She brings over 30 years experience in the administrative branch of the medical profession. She was the co-ordinator of the CSMTA (Canadian Sports Massage Therapy Association) and has her LPN credentials. During an information session on CCS, Roberta learned in some countries babies came home wrapped in newspapers, and this and her lifelong love of sewing, spurred her to become a more active member. When the former President stepped down it was a natural progression for Roberta to take up the position. Organizing information talks, dealing with donors and volunteers across Canada, checking quality control and working closely with the Compassionate Warehouse are just some of Roberta's duties. Roberta resides in beautiful Victoria, BC.

Marguerite Swallow


Marguerite met Sylvia and Don Hatfield at a Senior Activities Workshop at Cedar Hill Recreation Centre many years ago.  They had a display table of all the projects Canada Comforts was involved in at the time.  Marguerite volunteered to knit teddy bears.  WRONG!!!!!  Before she knew it, she was head of the table that sewed shorts for little boys, in charge of diaper production, Compassionate warehouse receiver/thanker of all donations to Canada Comforts and Secretary/Treasurer of Canada Comforts Society.  Due to increasing family commitments, Marguerite had to pass on several of these duties to more capable hands but remain in charge of the diapers and is still Secretary/Treasurer of the Society.

sylvia (2)
Sylvia Hatfield M.S.M.

Founder/Past President

At the age of 15, Sylvia began a life long passion of volunteering.  She is Hospice trained with many years of working with the terminally ill, and has been active in Employment Assistance and Volunteer Management Programmes as well. Her professional career started with teaching primary children and ended with curriculum design and adult professional development education.

From the Hatfield home in 1992 Sylvia and her friend, Pamela Striha, started a “Bears and Bags” group.  They never dreamt the idea would spread across the country.  Sylvia’s Canada Comforts’ work has been honoured by the receiving of two medals: The Queen’s Jubilee Medal presented at the Royal Roads University, Victoria and the Meritorious Service medal presented by the Governor General at Rideau Hall, Ottawa.  On both occasions Sylvia stated that she represented thousands of caring volunteers.   Sylvia is very grateful to all who make up the Canada Comforts’ team.  As items are being made, she hopes that each volunteer will picture a recipient and send love, hope and the message “Canadians care”.